Since 2011, in occasion of ISMEC Congress held in Giardini Naxos (Messina, Italy), the proceedings are collected and published by ISMEC Group as the Acta of the International Symposia on Thermodynamics of Metal Complexes, the ISMEC Acta (ISSN: 2239-2459).

ISMEC Acta are edited by the President of ISMEC Group and the annual Congress Chair.  Authors maintain their own Copyrights.

ISMEC Acta 11, 2022, Symp. Ed. XXXII

ISMEC Acta 10, 2021, Symp. Ed. XXXI

ISMEC Acta 9, 2019, Symp. Ed. XXX

ISMEC Acta 8, 2018, Symp. Ed. XXIX

ISMEC Acta 7, 2017, Symp. Ed. XXVIII

ISMEC Acta 6, 2016, Symp. Ed. XXVII

ISMEC Acta 5, 2015, Symp. Ed. XXVI

ISMEC Acta 4, 2014, Symp. Ed. XXV

ISMEC Acta 3, 2013, Symp. Ed. XXIV

ISMEC Acta 2, 2012, Symp. Ed. XXIII

ISMEC Acta 1, 2011, Symp. Ed. XXII