In occasion of ISMEC 2021, organized online by the University of Bialystok (Poland), from June 16th-18th, 2021, the ISMEC Group formalized some guidelines concerning its mission and governance:

International Group for the Thermodynamics of Complexes – ISMEC Group

  1. ISMEC Group is an open group in which researchers at all levels freely meet to share info and ideas in the field of the Thermodynamics of Complexes.
  2. No subscriptions and/or official documents are needed to join the community.
  3. The main scope of ISMEC Group is to take initiatives and organize events and activities to promote research, best practices, formation and culture in the field of the Thermodynamics of Complexes at all levels.
  4. ISMEC Group supports and acknowledges young researchers working in the field of the Thermodynamics of Complexes by awards and grants, like the Fernando Pulidori Prize.
  5. ISMEC Group is managed by an International Scientific Committee (ISC) coordinated by the President of the ISMEC Group.

International Scientific Committee (ISC)

  1. The ISC is constituted by 10 members: the President and Past President, the last three and the future two ISMEC Congress Chairs of Organizing Committees (or by another representative suggested by Chairs), and three members appointed by President and agreed by the other ISC members. In case of double eligibility conditions, an additional member taken from past congresses (in order of edition) will be appointed.
  2. No more than one member per group/university, excluding presidents, can be admitted in ISC.
  3. The admission of other members in ISC must be requested and voted by the majority of ISC members.
  4. ISC plans, supervises and give addresses to all ISMEC Group activities, including those of other Scientific Committees (SCs) of events and initiatives.
  5. All decisions taken must be approved by the majority of ISC members.

Election of President

  1. The President is elected every three years by all ISMEC Group members who participated in at least two editions of ISMEC Congresses in last five years.
  2. People interested in taking part to election must send to their intention to vote at least two months before election days, indicating the past congresses in which she/he attended.
  3. Votes will be expressed electronically (through dedicated platforms) not later than one week before ISMEC Congress.
  4. Potential candidates for President must express their intent to ISC at least one month before election days.
  5. President and ISC will be in charge of elections organization.
  6. President appoints a Vice President who will replace her/him in case of impossibility to work.