The Fernando Pulidori Prize is an award dedicated to the memory of Prof. Fernando Pulidori from the University of Ferrara (Italy), one of the founders and former President of the Italian Gruppo di Termodinamica dei Complessi, who dedicated his scientific life to the development of this research field and to the training of young researchers in chemical thermodynamics and solution equilibria.

Since 2007, each year, in the occasion of the ISMEC Congress, the Fernando Pulidori  Prize is awarded to a young researcher (no more than 30 y.o.), preferably an expert in thermodynamics and/or kinetics of complexation phenomena in solution, author of an original paper published in the last three years or accepted for publication at the deadline of application.

Submitted applications are evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the annual ISMEC Congress, on the basis of the scientific impact of the paper, its originality and innovative character in the field of thermodynamics and/or kinetics of complexes in solution, the curriculum of the applicant and his/her contribution to the research are taken into account.

The winner will attend the annual ISMEC Congress free of charge, he/she will be awarded a prize of 250 € and he/she will have the chance to give an oral presentation on the results of the work submitted for the Prize.

An extended abstract of the winner’s scientific activity will be also published in “La Chimica e l’Industria”, the official journal of the Italian Chemical Society.


Fernando Pulidori

Edition 2021 Winner

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